Having Trouble Finding Quality Tenants?

  A daunting prospect, but there are some basic things a landlord may lawfully do to screen prospective tenants.

  • Did you know you can and should ask for at least two pieces of photo identification?
  • You should ask for verification of employment and/or income.
  • Do you have an appointment to see a prospective tenant who needs to move in next week and has a handful of cash?

Take care, this is likely a tenant who is being evicted from his current place and you are being scammed. Don’t fall into the trap of taking two months rent in cash, only to be evicting this tenant six months later and thousands of dollars in lost rent and damages. There are many things that will help ensure you get the best tenants and not repeat offenders. We offer an initial Landlord consultation to assist you in not only selecting the best tenants but avoiding pitfalls and the….‘professional tenant’.