Licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada We have been providing legal services in the Niagara Region for many years, providing both Small Claims Court and Landlord advocacy. Judith Callender has represented Landlords with multiple residential rental properties, Social Housing Landlords and Landlords with a single rental home. Judith appears frequently in Small Claims Court, successfully representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. We are particularly experienced in representing Landlords before the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Judith specializes in social housing tenancies and issues affecting not for profit housing providers. Private landlords, whether you own multiple units, or have a duplex or single family home, will receive the benefit of our expertise in solving your tenant problems. We can give you basic guidance and advice, a Landlord 101 consultation, to preparing and representing you at the Board in all issues from rent arrears to tenants suing you for rent abatements, harassment, and maintenance to Human Rights Code issues.

Small Claims Court is familiar ground for Judith, where she appears for large commercial clients, small business and private individuals. Whether you have been sued, or wish to commence an action, we provide both an initial consultation as well as expert legal representation. The monetary limit of the Small Claims Court was increased to $35,000.00 and many matters no longer require a lawyer. Although initially created to allow a layperson easy access to the judicial system, today the Rules have changed. Let us take you easily through this increasingly complicated Court. Check out our pages and links for your particular concerns and information about the services we offer.