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Tenants & Landlords RE: Covid 19 Virus

Many landlords and tenants are fearful of what the future is going to bring during this COVID 19 crisis.  It is time to look at reaching reasonable solutions and accommodations for tenants who have lost their primary source of income and landlords who won’t be able to pay their mortgages and costs to supply utilities to the rental properties.  Mortgage companies are offering mortgage payment deferrals to home owners, I have yet to find one that is extending this to landlords.   In the hopes that landlords and tenants will talk to each other and try to find a solution, I am offering two draft agreements for landlords and tenants to consider.  SEE BELOW.  Hopefully we can all find a way to stay in our homes with the least amount of worry while this crisis is resolved. Judith Callender

Rent Deferral Agreement

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Letter To Landlord

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April Rent Deferral Agreement

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Paralegals are trained and experienced in representing people and businesses in many types of courts and tribunals, including Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Board, Provincial Offences Court as well as many government bodies such as Unemployment Insurance appeals, Disability and Pension claims.

Paralegals can provide you with legal services to prepare your documents properly and get though the system without delay and costly mistakes. Both Small Claims Court and Landlord and Tenant matters require the preparation of detailed documents, timed notices and regulated appearances with witnesses to prove your case.

Mistakes can cost you time, lost revenue and in many cases, having to start over from square one! Paralegals usually cost less than lawyers and in Small Claims Court you can usually recover a portion of your costs from the other side if you are successful. Paralegals, like lawyers, are licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada and governed by similar Rules of Conduct